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Postal Address

Lockwood Folly Property Owners Association
19 Clubhouse Drive
Supply NC, 28462


POA President
Joe Geise, President
Strategic & Infrastructure Planning
July 2012


Vice PresdientPaul Boileau, Vice President
Clubhouse Director
July 2014
MikeMike Collins, Treasurer
Budgeting & Financial Control
July 2014


DeloresDelores Mallory, Assistant Secretary
Social Director
Events Planning
July 2013
Jim CarneyJim Carney, Director
Chair of CSC Committee

SharleneSharlene Ackley
Pool & Ackley Park
BBall & Tennis Courts
July 2014
Frank MoonFrank Moon
Director Boat Storage & Recycling
Docks & Boat Ramp
July 2013


Chuck ReamChuck Ream
Director of Security

PepeCharlie Pepe
Assistant Treasurer
Director of Grounds
July 2012