Storm Water Master Plan


Lockwood Folly is a 500-acre gated community comprised of approximately 550 home sites and an 18-hole golf course, Lockwood Folly Country Club. The residential community, located on the west bank of Lockwood Folly River, includes custom home lots, patio homes, common areas, roads, Clubhouse, and marina. Nearly 300 homes have been constructed over the 17 years that this community has existed. Heavy rains from tropical storms have shown that the storm water runoff drainage system is inadequate to allow many areas to drain. This inadequate capacity has resulted in flooding of private properties, roadway overtopping, and inundation of homes and structures.

Runoff flow patterns intertwine amongst residential lots and the community golf course. Inadequate flow routes have resulted in frequent nuisance flooding, occasional inundation of home sites and, overtopping of roadways during heavy rains. The community has requested a storm water master plan be developed, providing guidance for the community, to allow implementation of both short- and long-term correction of the noted storm water drainage deficiencies. Lockwood Folly Property Owners Association Inc. (POA) has contracted with HDR Engineering, Inc of the Carolinas (HDR) to develop a storm water master plan for the purpose of developing recommended improvements to alleviate the noted drainage deficiencies including the road overtopping, inundation of home sites and nuisance flooding.


The master plan process includes an evaluation of the performance of the storm water drainage system, which can identify potential existing, and future inadequacies of the systems, and subsequent presentation of corrective action recommendations. The POA has requested that where possible any recommendations recognize how work efforts can be distributed to either, ‘mini-project’ categories to be performed by the POA maintenance staff, or to ‘major-project’ categories to be performed through general contracts. Performance of drainage improvement work will need to be planned over a multiple year schedule, as funding is secured. Improvements will be coordinated with implementation policies and procedures of Brunswick County and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) where necessary.


HDR Final Report (1.1MB) contains written descriptions of each project work area.

HDR Technical Memorandum Oct 11, 2006 This document references four figures included below. Please be warned that each figure is in excess of 25 MB of data and will therefore require a long time to down load. Dial-up users are advised to NOT attempt to download these files.

               Figure 1 - BaseMap 
               Figure 2 - SystemMap
               Figure 3 - ProblemAreas
               Figure 4 - Priortization


ProJect Locations (2.1MB) contains a overall map of Lockwood Folly and identifies the location of each project work area.


Storm water Master Plan projects

This is a map of the entire Lockwood Folly Community. It identifies, by project number, all the projects recommended by HDR. Click mouse over Project of interest. This will open a new window containing the detailed map of that project area. Close the new window to return to this window.



Project Reports

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