The Lockwood Lines is an online digital newsletter about events and community interest stories. The Lockwood Lines is published four times a year, once a quarter. Articles, ads, and pictures submitted to Lockwood Lines Editor, Dana Helms, before the 15th of the month prior to publication will be considered.


Lockwood Lines will be posted on this website at the same time it is posted on our Lockwood Folly Residents and Land owner only page. You can print a copy off at home with the print feature if you wish to have a hard copy. There is a color printer in the POA Clubhouse office if you wish to request a copy to be printed and don’t have a printer at home. Moved to a digital newsletter in 2022 in efforts to reduce the cost to print and distribution by Postal Service. You will receive an email notification when the new issue is available for viewing. 



Editor: Dana Helms
Publisher: Dana Helms
Proofreaders: Katherine Blatz, Jane Allman, and Jane Eastin
Staff and Reporters: Rie C Williams, Lynne Borden, Katherine Blatz 
Photographers: Terrah Hewett, Irene Kilzer, Phil Julian, and Don Brewer